Gilbert Brewery Soda Label Collection - Virginia City, Montana

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Historic Overview

This rare collection of labels comes from The Gilbert Brewing Company of Virginia City, Montana. It includes 7 labels, Strawberry Soda, Champagne Cider, Lemon Soda, Ginger Ale, Sarsaparilla Soda, Orange Cider, and Bull Ginger Ale. Since the brewery started making these drinks in 1916, we think these labels date to around 1920. Five of the labels measure 4.6" Wide x 3.25" High. The Sarsaparilla Soda is 4.25" Wide x 3.15" High and the Bull Ginger Ale is 3.8" Wide x 2.75" High. You won't find this group of labels anywhere else.

The Gilbert Brewing Company is Montana's oldest brewery and began in 1863, less than a month after gold was discovered in Alder creek. It brewed beer with fresh spring water and aged at a cool temperature by routing the cool creek water through the aging room. The town grew rapidly and by the end of the year the brewery was in the heart of a booming town called Virginia City with 7,000 thirsty miners. The first ingredient used to brew beer was sage brush since supplies were hard to come by. They moved to traditional ingredients and Gilbert Beer was proclaimed by authorities to be among the best in the country. It was a profitable business until 1916 when Montana joined the prohibition movement. The brewery continued brewing but turned to non-alcoholic beverages such as Bromo Pop, Ironbrew, cream soda, root beer, strawberry soda, and ginger ale. The recipes, I guess were made in small batches before 1916, since we have a copy of the recipes dated 1899 (see photo). Unfortunately, these products did not generate enough revenue to survive the tumultuous times and the brewery ceased operations and closed its doors in 1934.


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