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Victory Gladiator Inner Cigar Box label

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Historic Overview

This is just a gorgeous mint embossed and gold gilded cigar label from the 1920s. Consolidated Lithographing Corporation of Brooklyn, New York lithographed this label for Victory Cigars. It is famous for its Gladiator scene that shows a Roman Gladiator with sword and shield standing victoriously over his slain opponent with the nobility and crowds looking on. There is also an amour image in the top left above the name. The label has vivid colors and measures 6.75” High x 8.9” Wide. The label name and design was owned by W. C. Frutiger & Company.

William Christian Frutiger started in the cigar business in the early 1900s in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. The cigars were manufactured in Factory 417 which ran between 1920 and 1967. Victory was just one of some 15 brands manufactured there. The factory was 4 stories high, measuring 150 feet by 50 feet and the fourth floor had a huge skylight that allowed the workers to sort between claro (light green) and maduro (dark brown) cigars and pack the boxes. There were about 135 people working there in the 1920s and 30s. A good roller could produce between 600 and 800 cigars in an 8 hour day and they were paid on commission about $2.00 per day.